Converting a C# workflow into XAML

A interesting question that came up last week was how to convert workflows defined in C# to XAML. A co worker of one of the attendees of the Essential Windows Workflow Foundation 4 course had been experiencing a lot of problems with the workflow designer and decided to create their workflows in C# instead of using the designer to generate XAML. While these workflows run just fine you do lose the visual aspect of the designer, one of the benefits of workflow in the first place. Fortunately it isn’t hard to save workflow objects, however they have been authored, into … Continue reading Converting a C# workflow into XAML

Workflows and no persist zones

There are times when a workflow can’t be persisted safely using a SqlWorkflowInstanceStore. The reason isn’t so much saving the state of  a workflow to disk, that could be done at any time, but the result when a workflow would be reloaded from disk in that state. An easy example is a workflow handling a WCF request with a Receive and SendReply activity pair. Suppose you would save the workflow state after the message had been received but before the response had been send. No problem there. Now suppose the workflow is aborted just after the response is send and … Continue reading Workflows and no persist zones