4 thoughts on “Turbo charge your applications with AppFabric caching

  1. Like your blogs, doin’ azure, found I can paste VB code-behind into F# with few changes to gain async-parallel & a lot more, easy to author the VB in a declarative style, very nice so passing it along.

  2. Maurice:
    I have looked at some open source workflow engines in available in Java world such as JBPM and they offer APIs to access the Process variables and also offer a Process Console which lets me view the process instance status and other necessary attributes of the instances.
    In WF 4.0, how is this possible? Are there any .NET APIs that will let me access the process variables of a workflow instance? AppFabric seems to have a dashboard that lets me view the instance statuses.. This tells me it might possible to use APIs to build some sort of dashboard view which will poll the WF 4.0 engine and generate a list of all the active instances [which are not completed].
    *Basically, I would like to build a generic interface where I could show a list of all active WF instances and any process variable values attached to those instances*. This way I could use this interface for all and different Workflow definitions.
    If you could provide me any guidance on this, I will highly appreciate it.

  3. @Olonga,

    There are different options depending on your need. The simplest is the tracking infrastructure that will let you extract values from a workflow instance using a profile and let you save them as you want. The other option is property promotion where they are saved along with the workflow state. This is a bit harder and will only give you the currently saved value, not all changes.

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