SqlWorkflowInstanceStore and SQL Azure

Some time ago I blogged about how to get the SqlWorkflowInstanceStore working with SQL Azure. In order for this to work we had to make a few changes to the SqlWorkflowInstanceStoreSchema.sql script and as a result we ended up in a working but officially not supported scenario. And while this worked just fine with the Windows Azure 1.2 SDK there was a change in the Windows Azure 1.3 SDK which resulted in each deployment being seen in a new service deployment. This last change even happened if no change was made to the workflow service or the assemblies but resulted in not being able to reload existing workflow instances.


This changes with the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Platform Update 1

The good news is that as part of the soon to be released Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Platform Update 1 this scenario will be officially supported so we can deploy our workflow services to Windows Azure and persist them in SQL Azure without having to hack the SqlWorkflowInstanceStoreSchema.sql script  and end up in a not supported scenario.




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