Getting started with the WCF Web API

Warning: This post is based on a prerelease version of the WCF Web API   When designing services the REST style is becoming more and more popular. Not that REST is anything new, it has been around for some time. The fact that WCF supports REST services isn’t new either as the WebServiceHost and WebHttpBinding where released with the .NET framework 3.5. However the original REST support in WCF was quite limited. You could build very nice REST services but you had to do a lot of work because out of the box there isn’t support for much functionality.   … Continue reading Getting started with the WCF Web API

Entity Framework 4.1 power tools

The EF team at Microsoft just release a first CTP of the EF 4.1 Power Tools making it even easier to do Code First development with an existing database. Guess it isn’t really code first in that case but database first   I did a quick test with an existing database, Northwind to be exact, and it worked pretty well. The only gotcha is you have to make sure the EF4.1 assemblies are available in your project otherwise you will receive the exception below. Adding Ef4.1 is easy though, just download the installer and install them or even better, just … Continue reading Entity Framework 4.1 power tools

Guerrilla Enterprise .NET Copenhagen

For those that attended the Guerrilla Enterprise .NET course last week in Copenhagen and didn’t get a change to download all the sample you can download all the demos Richard Blewett, Dominick Baier and I wrote from here. And thanks for being there, it was a fun event 🙂