#DotNed Podcast: Dennis Vroegop over de Surface 2

In deze podcast spreekt Maurice de Beijer met Dennis Vroegop over de nieuwe Surface 2. Dennis vertelt ondermeer hoe anders het is een Surface applicatie te maken omdat je rekening moet houden met meerdere gebruikers die aan verschillende kanten van de tafel staan. Ook dat bij veel applicaties mensen zonder enige uitleg toch met de surface moeten kunnen werken maakt dit niet eenvoudiger. Hier te beluisteren.   Links: Dennis Vroegop: http://www.destrato.com/ DotNed: http://www.dotned.nl/ Microsoft Surface: http://www.surface.com/ What is Surface: http://www.microsoft.com/surface/en/us/whatissurface.aspx   [f1] [f2]

Using HTTP status codes in a REST service

When we build services, or write any code for that matter, error can occur and we have to cater for those. With SOAP service we gibe a calling application information about the error by returning a SOAP fault. This SOAP fault is just another piece of XML informing the calling application about whatever was wrong. Now the HTTP protocol also contains a way of sending status information back to the client but when using SOAP that is mostly ignored, all we use is a 200 OK or an 500 Internal Server Error error status. And for one returning a 500 … Continue reading Using HTTP status codes in a REST service

About logins and searches as resources

A reader posted a question in my blog post about REST services and URL’s about modeling search and login as a resource. As this is an important concept I decided not to add a comment but write another blog post about this.   About using http://localhost/login as a URL in a REST service The URL http://localhost/login suggest that there is a resource login while login clearly is an action, not a resource. You don’t create or delete logins. Now you might create user sessions and in that case you might have a URL like http://localhost/UserSession where you can create and … Continue reading About logins and searches as resources

REST services and URL’s

When designing and building REST services the URL’s used take on a rather important part. So it pays to think a lot about the URL structure up front.   Basically a URL is used to identity a recourse. So it kind of behaved like a primary key in a database. There are a few big differences to keep in mind. Unlike a primary key a resource can have multiple URL’s pointing to the same resource. Another difference is that we often have a URL for a collection of the same items. So for example: http://localhost/books/123 Points to a specific book … Continue reading REST services and URL’s

New #DotNed podcast: A conversation with Scott Hanselman about Windows Azure, iCloud and scalability

  In this podcast Maurice de Beijer speaks with Scott Hanselman about web development. They discuss the move of Scott Guthrie to the Azure team and what this will mean for the average web developer. They also talk about WebMatrix, iCloud and scalability amongst other things.   The first English language podcast for the DotNed community   http://dotned.nl/PodCasts.aspx?id=11   Enjoy!   [f1] [f2]