#DotNed Podcast: Richard de Zwart over MonoTouch

In deze podcast spreekt Maurice de Beijer met Richard de Zwart over MonoTouch, Objective-C, XCode en iPhone development.                                                                          Links: Blog Richard: http://richarddezwart.tumblr.com/ MonoTouch voor beginners: http://lsd.luminis.eu/building-iphone-applications-using-monotouch-1/ Xamarin: http://xamarin.com/ MonoTouch.info: http://monotouch.info/ Voor het onwtikkelen van MonoTouch op Windows: http://escoz.com/developing-with-monotouch-on-windows-and-visual-studio/ Professional iPhone Programming with MonoTouch and .NET/C# (Wrox Programmer to Programmer: http://www.amazon.com/Professional-iPhone-Programming-MonoTouch-Programmer/dp/047063782X/ref=pd_sim_b_1 MonoTouch, Mono for Android en WP7 in één solution in VS2010: http://jonas.follesoe.no/2011/07/22/cross-platform-mobile-ndc-2011/   http://www.dotned.nl/PodCasts.aspx?id=14   [f1] [f2]

Using HTTP methods in a REST service

In a normal language like English we use verbs all the time to describe what we are doing. So I guess the designers of the HTTP specs must have thought why not do the same with the HTTP protocol. And that makes perfect sense. In the HTTP spec these are called methods but commonly these are also names verbs. For example when we are using a browser to display some data from the Internet we are getting that data so we use the GET method. And as most of the time we are just retrieving data it makes sense that … Continue reading Using HTTP methods in a REST service