HTML5 and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing call

Services are becoming more important with richer HTML5 style applications. But by default the browser will let you call into a service on the originating domain but not another one. And that means you have to include all your services one the same domain, not very practical. And worse if you want to use a 3rd part service you can’t call this directly from the your JavaScript code. A technique that has been used for quite some time to solve this problem is JSONP. Basically when you are doing a JSONP style call the request is done by adding a … Continue reading HTML5 and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing call

Een eerste weekend met de Nokia Lumia 800

Afgelopen vrijdag bracht de koerier mijn nieuwe telefoon, een Nokia Lumia 800 telefoon met Windows Phone 7 Mango als OS. En die heb ik dit weekend eens flink onderhanden genomen om te kijken of hij nu echt zo goed is als iedereen vindt en vooral of het beter is dan mijn huidige iPhone. De hardware. Ik kan er kort over zijn. Nokia heeft hier een hele mooie telefoon gemaakt. Hij is prachtig afgewerkt met een heel mooi helder scherm. Het eerste wat opviel is dat de het standaard blauw anders is dan de Samsung Omnia die we ook al in … Continue reading Een eerste weekend met de Nokia Lumia 800

Using HTML5 WebSockets

In previous blog posts I wrote about using Server-Sent Events so send data from the server to the browser. This works but has the drawback that it is a one way messaging from the server to the browser. There is nothing preventing you from doing ajax style calls back to the server but basically you are using 2 connection. The big plus for Server-Sent Events is that is use standard HTTP connections so the infrastructure is no problem.   WebSockets Sometimes you want more flexibility of duplex communication and this is where WebSockets come in. Opening a connection from the … Continue reading Using HTML5 WebSockets

DotNed Podcast: Jurgen Thysmans en het Tweakers Testpanel voor de Nokia Lumia 800

In deze podcast spreekt Maurice de Beijer met Jurgen Thysmans van Nokia over wat de omschakeling van Nokia naar het Windows Phone 7 platform allemaal voor gevolgen gaat hebben. Tevens bezoeken we het Testpanel Nokia Lumia 800 dat die avond door Tweakers en Nokia samen georganiseerd werd en waar 40 testers met een Nokia Lumia 800 naar huis gingen. Links: Marko Ahtisaari op   Enjoy! [f1] [f2]

Customizing the HTML5 checks Modernizr does

In the previous blog post I demonstrated how to use Modernizr to test for the availability of HTML 5 features. Doing so was quite easy but as every test is always performed to add CSS classes to the <html> element there is a bit of overhead in using the default Modernizr JavaScript file. Fortunately they have made a fix for this rather easy and added a page where you can quickly create a custom version with just the checks you need for your site.     Adding custom checks The careful reader might have noticed that there is no option … Continue reading Customizing the HTML5 checks Modernizr does

HTML5 feature detection aka Modernizr

Yesterday I blogged about using the new Server-Sent Events or the EventSource object to send messages from the server to the client. But what happens if I try to do this in a browser that doesn’t support Server-Sent Events? If I run the code from yesterday in Internet Explorer 9 I sill see the following error dialog: The reason is that IE 9 doesn’t support Server-Sent Events, see, so it results in an Microsoft JScript runtime error: ‘EventSource’ is undefined exception HTML5 Feature detection In the old days if web development we used to check the browser the client … Continue reading HTML5 feature detection aka Modernizr

HTML5 – Server-Sent Events

There are a lot of cool new features and one of these is Server-Sent Events. According to Server-Sent Events are usable on almost half of the modern browsers. And as is often the case Internet Explorer is the big missing piece again. But fortunately there are some nice polyfills to take care of IE. More about that some other time.   So what are Server-Sent Events? Server-Sent Events are a way of sending data from the server to the client. There is actually another part of HTML5 that will let you do so and that is the WebSockets standard. … Continue reading HTML5 – Server-Sent Events

HTML5 and Geolocation

One of the cool new features in HTML5 is Geolocation or the capability to determine where someone is. It turns out most modern browsers support the Geolocation API as you can see on Unfortunately Internet Explorer 8, the most popular version of IE at this moment, is the big exception. The Geolocation API is very easy to use. The basic function to use is the getCurrentPosition() which is located on the geolocation object which in turn is located on the navigator object. It takes a callback for success that give you the location and a failure callback with a … Continue reading HTML5 and Geolocation

Building rich HTML5 clients using REST services recording

For those who missed the online event about building JavaScript and HTML5 client for a REST service build using the new WCF Web API the recordings are up. You can download the hi res recording here or download one of the other formats from the main page here. And remember there a bunch of other useful recording from other DevelopMentor instructors on the same page.   Enjoy!   [f1] [f2]