HTML5 and Device API’s

Last week the question of HTML5 and sensors came up. This wasn’t really strange as we where talking about the HTML5 GeoLocation features and using the, optional, GPS is just one device or sensor you might want to use. It turns out the W3C has a Device APIs Working Group working on this problem. They are working on a whole range of interesting devices like: Battery Status API Contacts API HTML Media Capture Media Capture API Network Information API Sensor API Vibration API Calendar API MediaStream Capture Scenarios And more..   The Sensor API covers a group of others AmbientTemperature    … Continue reading HTML5 and Device API’s

The browser landscape is changing

I hadn’t really been paying attention to the popularity of browsers a whole lot for the last few months until this week as I was teaching HTML5 and the usage stats influence what is usable and what not. Sure I heard some time ago that Chrome was larger then IE but as most of these statistics are more about politics then anything else I tend to ignore them and just check some sites I know are producing real numbers for me. And the best I know way is to compare Google Analytics on some large sites.   And was I … Continue reading The browser landscape is changing

Using jQuery from an HTML5 Web Worker

jQuery is one of the most useful frameworks out there for web development. And while most of jQuery is very much about working with the browser DOM there is also another side to it that makes doing networking real easy and that is all based around the $.ajax() and related, like the $.getJSON(), functions. Now HTML5 contains a real useful part in Web Workers for doing work that should not block the background thread. And using the XMLHttpRequest for network IO is fine in a Web Worker. Unfortunately however working with the DOM is not ok in the Web Worker, … Continue reading Using jQuery from an HTML5 Web Worker

DotNed podcast: Patriek van Dorp over NuGet packages voor Windows Azure

In deze podcast spreekt Maurice de Beijer met Patriek van Dorp over zijn TechDays presentatie over NuGet packages voor Windows Azure. Links: Blog: TechDays presentaties: Wazug: NuGet: Presentatie met links naar de NuGet packages: van Dorp – NuGet For Windows Azure.pdf Met dank aan onze sponsor RedGate.