jQuery UI and touch screens

I really like using jQuery UI in my web applications. But even though jQuery UI is very well tested there are some potential issues to keep in mind. One of those is using the jQuery UI controls on touch devices like the iPad. With these touch enabled devices becoming more and more popular support is quite important if you don’t know you exact client configuration. And for that matter, even if you client has standardized on a specific browser, let say Internet Explorer 9 for example, you may notice that there are in fact lots of other “unofficial” devices being … Continue reading jQuery UI and touch screens

Matthijs Hoekstra over Visual Studio 2012 en ontwikkelen voor Windows 8

In deze podcast spreekt Maurice de Beijer met Matthijs Hoekstra. Ze zijn aanwezig op de Visual Studio 2012 launch bij Info Support in Veenendaal en hebben het over het ontwikkelen voor Windows 8 met behulp van Visual Studio 2012. Links: Blog:    http://blogs.microsoft.nl/blogs/mhoekstra/default.aspx Twitter: https://twitter.com/mahoekst XAML Spy: http://xamlspy.com/ Met dank aan onze sponsor RedGate.

Visual Studio 2012 and NuGet packages

  Last year I wrote about installing missing NuGet packages and Visual Studio projects. That works well but it does require using a command line version of NuGet.   It turns out that this has become a lot easier in VS2012 and is supported natively from within Visual Studio.   Enabling support The first step is to enable the feature as it is disabled by default. This setting lives under Options -> Package Manager -> General.   Restoring missing packages from a VS2012 solution Assuming you have to restore missing packages for a solution the first thing is to enable … Continue reading Visual Studio 2012 and NuGet packages