RavenDB and multiple databases

In my previous two posts about RavenDB I used a Book class as the example. The first example was an ASP.NET MVC 3 application and the second was an ASP.NET MVC 4 application and I just copies the Books class from the first to the second example. As I just used the default namespace in both projects .NET would consider this two different classes, after all the namespace and assemblies are different.   How does RavenDB handle CLR types It turns out RavenDB doesn’t really care about these differences with namespaces and assemblies. The extra information is stored as metadata … Continue reading RavenDB and multiple databases

Using RavenDB with ASP.NET MVC 4

Some people might have wondered why I used ASP.NET MVC 3 in my previous blog post. The reason is that the RavenDB.Client package uses Newtonsoft.Json and ASP.NET MVC 4 also has a dependency on Newtonsoft.Json. In itself this isn’t a problem except that RavenDB requires Newtonsoft.Json version 4.0.8 and ASP.NET MVC 4 ships with a much newer version of Newtonsoft.Json, to be exact version 4.5.6. The result is that trying to Install-Package RavenDB.Client produces the following error: Install-Package : Updating ‘Newtonsoft.Json 4.5.6’ to ‘Newtonsoft.Json 4.0.8’ failed. Unable to find a version of ‘Microsoft.AspNet. WebApi.Client’ that is compatible with ‘Newtonsoft.Json 4.0.8’. … Continue reading Using RavenDB with ASP.NET MVC 4

Getting started with RavenDB in an ASP.NET MVC application

RavenDB is one of the newer document type databases that is conceptually comparable to MongoDB or CouchDB. One of the nice thing about RavenDB, at least for a .NET developer, is that is has been developed with .NET in mind from the start. And this makes it really easy to get started with. In fact it is so easy to get started with that it surprises me that not everyone is using it.   One of the things that attract me to document databases like RavenDB is the fact that they are really fast and schema free. This means that … Continue reading Getting started with RavenDB in an ASP.NET MVC application

Tincr and live reloading of CSS/JavaScript in Google Chrome

The standard workflow with web development is run the web application, make some changes to your CSS in Visual Studio, flip back to the browser and reload the page to see the effect. While this works relatively well it can be somewhat slow at times.   One improvement is make changes to your CSS in the browser. I use Google Chrome as my main browser and it’s CSS and JavaScript viewer is actually an editor so you can make changes there. The nice thing is you see the effect of your changes immediately making for a much faster feedback loop. … Continue reading Tincr and live reloading of CSS/JavaScript in Google Chrome

DotNed podcast: Peter Paul Koch over mobiel webontwikkelen, Fronteers en meer

In deze podcast spreekt Maurice de Beijer met Peter Paul Koch over zijn werk bij de Fronteers organisatie, zijn ruime ervaring met mobiel web ontwikkeling en de recente poll die hij gedaan heeft over het gebruik van JavaScript libraries. Links: Blog: http://www.quirksmode.org/ Library poll: http://www.quirksmode.org/blog/archives/2012/10/javascript_libr_1.html http://fronteers.nl/ http://vimeo.com/fronteers http://www.perfectomobile.com/ http://www.80beans.com/en/blog/2012/08/07/introducing-our-open-test-lab-for-mobile-device-testing Responsive web design: http://www.alistapart.com/articles/responsive-web-design/ Fronteers congres: http://fronteers.nl/congres/2012 Nokia loan programme: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Developer_Programs/Launchpad.xhtml Device lab opzetten: http://mobile.smashingmagazine.com/2012/09/24/establishing-an-open-device-lab/ Met dank aan onze sponsor RedGate.