Using optimistic concurrency with RavenDB

Whatever database your are using, relational or document, there is one thing you can be certain of as soon as you get a second user of the system and that is concurrency conflicts. It may not happen often but eventually it will happen that two users load the same document, make some changes to it and save it back to the database. There are several ways of dealing with these kind of concurrency problems: Just ignoring it and letting the second users changes overwrite the first ones While this isn’t advisable if the data is very important there are lots … Continue reading Using optimistic concurrency with RavenDB

Paging through data in RavenDB

RavenDB has a very nice feature in it being safe by default and returns just 128 documents. Now you can override these safe defaults but it is very unwise to do so. And even if you decide to do so are you really going to show a million customers to your user at the same time? I would guess not as the user would not be really happy with the response or the speed of it. In most cases using paging is a much better solution.   Paging through a RavenDB result set It turns out that paging through a … Continue reading Paging through data in RavenDB

Practical HTML5

The slides from my presentation on Practical use of HTML5 for the DotNed user group.   Practical html5 from Maurice Beijer     The source code can be found here.   There is an online demo version hosted on Azure websites here.   Enjoy!

DotNed podcast: Scrum met Eric-Jan Wischmann

In deze podcast praat Dennis Vroegop met Eric-Jan Wischmann, een certified scrum master, over de ins- en outs van Scrum. Wat is scrum? Wat betekent het voor je dagelijkse werk? Wat zijn de valkuilen? Links: Scrumalliance: Agile manifesto: Agile software development: Enjoy!

Storing and retrieving records using RavenDB

After installing RavenDB 2 the next step is to start saving data and load it again. Unlike SQL server we don’t need to go into the RavenDB Management Studio and create a database and tables with a schema. The database, optional but highly recommended, will be created when we first access it. And when it comes down to tables and schema RavenDB is much simpler, all it does is store documents. A document doesn’t have a schema enforced so we don’t need to define one up front. Instead we just save some data and load it again. The document to … Continue reading Storing and retrieving records using RavenDB

Praktisch aan de slag met HTML5

Donderdag 24 januari 2013 doe ik weer een presentatie over HTML5 voor de DotNed gebruikersgroep.   Op dit moment is HTML5 een van de grote hypes. Door de HTML5 standaard te gebruiken gaan we alles anders doen op het web. Uiteraard gaat alles goed en vanaf nu werkt alles gewoon zoals verwacht op alle browsers hetzelfde. En zo zijn er nog wel meer fabeltjes. Zoals iedereen, die al langer voor het web ontwikkelt, weet dat dit tot nu toe nog nooit het geval is geweest. En zelfs als dat in een wereld met perfecte browser leveranciers waar zou zijn dan … Continue reading Praktisch aan de slag met HTML5

Installing RavenDB 2

Before we get started with RavenDB we need to install the required parts. There are several ways we can do this and one of the easiest is using the NuGet Package manager from within Visual Studio 2012 with the available RavenDB NuGet packages.   Which package to install? As should be obvious from the screenshot above there are quite a few NuGet packages to choose from. It turns out we need to use two packages to get started, the client and server part. Adding them is easy, just open the NuGet Package Manager Console window from the Visual Studio Tools … Continue reading Installing RavenDB 2