Installing RavenDB 2

Before we get started with RavenDB we need to install the required parts. There are several ways we can do this and one of the easiest is using the NuGet Package manager from within Visual Studio 2012 with the available RavenDB NuGet packages.



Which package to install?

As should be obvious from the screenshot above there are quite a few NuGet packages to choose from. It turns out we need to use two packages to get started, the client and server part. Adding them is easy, just open the NuGet Package Manager Console window from the Visual Studio Tools menu and issue the following two command:


   1: Install-Package RavenDB.Server

   2: Install-Package RavenDB.Client


What did we add to our solution?

The RavenDB.Server package added the server we need to store data. This package adds no references to the project but adds the required executable and its dependencies to a Tools folder in the RavenDB.Server.2.0.xxxx solution folder containing all the NuGet packages. In order to use the RavenDB server we need to navigate to this folder and double click the Raven.Server.exe. This will open a console window showing the server debug messages.


One important piece of output is the Server Url, in this case http://localhost:8080/. We need this when we start working with the server from our client code but we can also het to the RavenDB Management Studio using this URL.


The RavenDB Management Studio

If we open the a browser and navigate to the Server Url the RavenDB Management Studio. This Management Studio is a Silverlight application that will let us manage different aspects of the server. Doing so just after installing RavenDB.Server will take us to the following start screen.


Don’t worry about creating a database for now, this will be done automatically when we connect from the client application when needed.


What is next?

In the next post we will create a simple client console application to store some data in this server and then retrieve and display it.



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