Introducing the LearningLine

Recently we have been working on something new at DevelopMentor for online teaching. I still really like teaching in the classroom and I think that this is a great environment to learn new material. But it is also a very expensive and not very scalable way of learning. It typically means being away from the office for a week at a time and that can be hard on the business and on your colleagues.


And while the classroom is a great place to learn that will do you little good if you can’t go there. So we are starting a new way of learning on the internet. We are not the first to do so but we are doing things a bit more interactive then some. One important difference is you still get to interact with an instructor and other students. This means that you still get the benefit from interaction with your peers and the hands on experience of the instructor. And the interactive aspect is an important but missing part of a lot of the online learning experiences.


The first course material I have done for the LearningLine is a 4 day course on RavenDB. Using this course you can learn how to use RavenDB, complete with exercises and support if you want it, over 4 or 5 evenings. In a hurry? Just do all the material in one day, it is really up to you.  Besides RavenDB there is quite a bit more to learn on the LearningLine with more material being added every day. Both by me and by a lot of other experienced DevelopMentor instructors.


Want to learn more? Go and take a look at the upcoming LearningLine classes.



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