DotNed podcast: Mads Kristensen on ASP.NET developer tooling in Visual Studio 2012 and beyond

For a change an English language podcast 🙂   In this podcast Maurice de Beijer speaks with Mads Kristensen about web tooling in Visual Studio 2012. Besides the standard build in tooling for web developer they also talk about Web Essentials 2012, the plugin Mads develops in his spare time to give web developers even more features and capabilities. Links: Blog: Web Essentials 2012: Web Developer Checklist:   Enjoy!

SignalR and camelCase data contracts

I really like SignalR for its capability to do push notifications from the server to the client. But there are a few thing in SignalR I am not quite happy with. Fortunately SignalR is really pluggable and you can change it to suit your needs. 🙂   PascalCase versus camelCase One thing I am not really happy about is the fact that all data is send over the wire with a request as is. And with SignalR the server tends to be C# where the convention is to have methods and properties in PascalCase. The client side however is JavaScript … Continue reading SignalR and camelCase data contracts