To SPA or not to SPA

Index: Getting started with AngularJS Creating an AngularJS Controller The AngularJS $scope is not the MVC Model Using repeating elements in AngularJS Filtering the data in an AngularJS ngRepeat element Using the AngularJS FormController to control form submission Creating an AngularJS Directive Using the DOM in an AngularJS application To SPA or not to SPA   Creating Single Page Applications, usually abbreviated to SPA, is getting more and more popular these days. There are some popular applications like GMail or done this way and using frameworks like AngularJS or routing libraries like Director and Sammy it appears quite easy … Continue reading To SPA or not to SPA

Displaying local times using the HTML5 <time> element and Moment.js

One common problem with displaying local dates an times in a browser is that you get no information about the current time zone a browser is in. The browser will tell you the preferred language through the Accept-Language HTTP header but there is no such header for the users time zone. This means that it is easy enough to display a DateTime in the servers time zone but not in the users time zone. Now if your server is in the same time zone as your users this isn’t much of an issue.. However that is quite often not the … Continue reading Displaying local times using the HTML5 <time> element and Moment.js

LIDNUG: Practical HTML5

  On Wednesday, October 16 I will be presenting an online session on practical HTML5 for the Linked .Net Users Group.   More info about this free event as well as the registration form can be found here.   Hope to see you there!

On versioning WebAPI REST services

When you develop REST services you are going to run into the little matter of versioning, there is just no way to avoid it if you want to make any change to your REST service. Now there are lots of different ways to go about this and these different ways have their pro’s and con’s. What your version strategy is also depends on if your REST services are read-only or read-write with read-only services being somewhat simpler due to their smaller API surface. In these examples I am using the ASP.NET WebAPI but these same principles apply to REST services … Continue reading On versioning WebAPI REST services