Guerrilla Enterprise .NET Copenhagen

For those that attended the Guerrilla Enterprise .NET course last week in Copenhagen and didn’t get a change to download all the sample you can download all the demos Richard Blewett, Dominick Baier and I wrote from here. And thanks for being there, it was a fun event 🙂

Mijn agenda voor de DevDays 2011

Nog een paar dagen en het is weer DevDays tijd. Maar waar ben ik te vinden tijdens de DevDays? Ten eerste sta ik als op de web development stand voor Ask The Expert voor de sessions. Dat is altijd leuk om te doen en het verbaast me soms met wat voor problemen je mensen kunt helpen. In het verlden heb ik zo al eens een probleem in een managed C++ app via terminal server bij iemand thuis op kunnen lossen, niet echt mijn expertise maar het lukte wel Verder hoop ik naar de nodige sessies te kunnen gaan, hieronder een … Continue reading Mijn agenda voor de DevDays 2011

SqlWorkflowInstanceStore and SQL Azure

Some time ago I blogged about how to get the SqlWorkflowInstanceStore working with SQL Azure. In order for this to work we had to make a few changes to the SqlWorkflowInstanceStoreSchema.sql script and as a result we ended up in a working but officially not supported scenario. And while this worked just fine with the Windows Azure 1.2 SDK there was a change in the Windows Azure 1.3 SDK which resulted in each deployment being seen in a new service deployment. This last change even happened if no change was made to the workflow service or the assemblies but resulted … Continue reading SqlWorkflowInstanceStore and SQL Azure

WF4 State Machine in the Multi-Targeting Pack for Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Platform Update 1

Lots of people like to use the state machine model workflow as this is a very flexible way of working that often fits in with how real work processes work. With WF3 we had a state machine workflow but with WF4 this was not ready in time and as a result we didn’t get to use this model. There where a few whitepapers on how to do a state machine using a flowchart and for simple cases those worked quite well. Microsoft also released an implementation of the state machine for WF4 on CodePlex and while that worked quite well … Continue reading WF4 State Machine in the Multi-Targeting Pack for Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Platform Update 1

Workflow Services and Windows Phone 7

Today I did a fun presentation at the Engineering World Conference in the Netherlands on using the Windows Phone 7 with a Workflow Service hosted on Windows Azure. The sample application, that is complete with all source on CodePlex over here, consists of an expense app on the phone and an ASP.NET MVC site hosting the workflow service. The PowerPoint presentation can be found here. It was a fun session on a fun event   [f1] [f2]

The SqlWorkflowInstanceStore and Windows Azure

As shown previously it isn’t hard to run Workflow Services on Windows Azure. In fact all we need to do is add a bit of extra configuration and we can work as normal. However normally when I am hosting long running workflows in IIS I always add a SqlWorkflowInstanceStore  to store the workflow state when it is not running so we can survive the inevitable IIS AppDomain restarts. Unfortunately this isn’t quite as straightforward as I had hoped.   SQL Azure != SQL Server The important thing to remember is that SQL Azure might be similar to SQL Server but … Continue reading The SqlWorkflowInstanceStore and Windows Azure

Running Workflow Services on Windows Azure

Windows Azure might not support the WCF and WF4 hosting parts of Windows AppFabric bit that doesn’t mean you can’t run workflow services on Windows Azure. After all a workflow is just a .NET 4 type and Windows Azure runs the .NET framework. As a result running a workflow service is quite easy once you know how to configure it.   The web.config file The first problem is that the machine web.config of an Azure virtual machine is different than that on a regular machine. As a result, by default, IIS doesn’t know what to do with a WorkflowService type, … Continue reading Running Workflow Services on Windows Azure

Configuring ASP.NET Session State to use AppFabric Caching

If you are using the information in this MSDN page to get started with the ASP.NET Session State Provider to use Windows Server AppFabric Caching you might run into some problems as the steps are less than complete. First make sure you have Windows Server AppFabric Caching setup and working and add the configSections and dataCacheClient elements as specified. If you next add the sessionState element as specified you will receive the following error: Parser Error Message: Could not load type ‘Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching.DataCacheSessionStoreProvider’ The reason is the assembly information is not specified so the .NET runtime doesn’t know where to find … Continue reading Configuring ASP.NET Session State to use AppFabric Caching