Using Bootstrap to make the movies list responsive

The current movie list looks quite nice on a desktop browser but leaves something to be desired on a tablet or phone. And as this is something I think should work just as well it is high time to fix this. One of the reasons I think every web application should work equally well on a tablet as on a desktop browser is that they are so frequently used. You might argue that a phone is a very limited device screen wise, and that would be true, but a tablet is becoming the default browser for quite a few people. … Continue reading Using Bootstrap to make the movies list responsive

Using Bootstrap with the RAW stack

Using RavenDB, AngularJS and WebAPI gives us an awesome amount of capability when it comes to programming but it is also nice to create a good looking application. Now like a lot of other developers I am not a skilled graphical or UX designer so this is definitely somewhere I can use some help. Fortunately the Bootstrap CSS framework with its utilities is a great help. By just following a few basic rules it is perfectly possible to get a decent looking web application. And as Bootstrap includes a lot of responsive features it even works well on mobile devices. … Continue reading Using Bootstrap with the RAW stack