Developing Angular applications using Docker

Using Docker to deploy applications is great but there is so much more you can do with Docker if you want to. And it can solve some interesting problems along the way. One problem when developing with NPM to manage dependencies is keeping all dependencies in sync. If I pull a repository from GitHub and an NPM install I will get a local copy, on my hard disk, of all dependencies. Fine, great that is just what it should do. But if you pull exactly the same commit 10 minutes later you might end up with a different result. Sure … Continue reading Developing Angular applications using Docker

Turbocharging Docker build

Building a Docker image can take a bit of time depending on what you have to do. Specially when you have to do something like DNU Restore, DotNet Restore, NPM Install or Nuget Restore builds can become slow because packages might have to be downloaded from the internet. Take the following Dockerfile which does a DNU Restore. FROM microsoft/aspnet:1.0.0-rc1-update1-coreclrMAINTAINER Maurice de Beijer <>COPY . ./app WORKDIR ./appRUN dnu restoreEXPOSE 5000CMD [“–server.urls”, “http://*:5000”]ENTRYPOINT [“dnx”, “web”] Running the Docker build multiple times without any changes is quite fast. To time it I am using the command: time docker build -t dotned . … Continue reading Turbocharging Docker build

Docker, From zero to hero

  Yesterday I did a presentation for the dotNed users group in the Netherlands. The slides can be found here on SlideShare. The demo code here on GitHub and the demo container image is on the Docker hub here. Thanks to Centric for sponsoring the event.

Hosting an ASP.NET 5 site in a Linux based Docker container

Note: This post is based on ASP.NET 5 Beta8, the samples might not work for you anymore Docker has becoming a popular way of hosting Linux based applications the last few years. With Windows Server 2016 Docker containers are also coming to Windows and are likely going to be a popular way of hosting there as well. But as Windows support is just in CPT form right now and ASP.NET is also moving to Linux with the CoreCLR I decided to try and run an ASP.NET web site on a Linux based container.   Getting started with an ASP.NET 5 … Continue reading Hosting an ASP.NET 5 site in a Linux based Docker container