Want to download all MIX sessions?

Then you should check Mike Swanson’s blog post here. He has two batch files, the first downloads all MIX session recordings with in the format you like, the second renames them so it is easier to make sense of all the media file names. If you just want a list of all sessions with download links this page might be the thing for you. So much better than downloading them by hand. Not as good as going to the MIX itself but if you, like me, couldn’t go it is still a nice way to see all the content. Enjoy!

IronPython in Action

I recently received a copy of IronPython in Action by Michael Foord and Christian Muirhead from Manning so I could review it so here it is [:)]. So why am I interested in a book about IronPython? Well I used to do some Python programming a number of years ago and found the language kind of nice to work with. Working with dynamic languages like IronPython relieves you from a lot of the code you have to write just to keep the compiler happy. Admittedly the compiler complains for good reason, to make you think about your code, but often … Continue reading IronPython in Action

PDC session download

Want to download and watch all PDC content? Then there are a couple of ways to get at them. The official way if to go through the session agenda at the conference site. See https://sessions.microsoftpdc.com/public/timeline.aspx. You see all sessions but it takes a bit of work. Another nice way is through Channel 9 by using the following feed: http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/pdc2008/RSS/?tag=videos. But the best as far as I am concerned is using the list compiled by Greg Duncan. Check this list http://coolthingoftheday.blogspot.com/2008/10/pdc2008-quick-video-link-list.html. And it even has the Visual Basic source code used to generate the list [:)] Enjoy the videos! [f1][f2]

Using an IronPython runtime service from Windows Workflow Foundation

In this post I demonstrated how to create IronPython objects and call them from strongly typed .NET code. So suppose we want to do so with Windows Workflow Foundation where could we use this? Well the most obvious place would be a runtime service. The example below uses a very simple message that needs to be displayed but it is easy to see how to same concept could be applied in other places. But first the basics. I have created a very simple custom DisplayMessageActivity like this: public partial class DisplayMessageActivity : System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Activity { public DisplayMessageActivity() { } public string … Continue reading Using an IronPython runtime service from Windows Workflow Foundation

Calling IronPython functions from .NET

Having worked with Python in the past I find IronPython an interesting language to work with. However the story becomes really interesting if you can combine IronPython with regular strong typed code into one. So I decided to take a look at what it would take to do so with the current IronPython version. I used IronPython 2 Beta 3, based upon the current version of the Dynamic Language Runtime, which is still evolving so the classes might have changed, take care! You can download the latest IronPython release here.   Lets take a look at what it takes to … Continue reading Calling IronPython functions from .NET