LIDNUG: Practical HTML5

  On Wednesday, October 16 I will be presenting an online session on practical HTML5 for the Linked .Net Users Group.   More info about this free event as well as the registration form can be found here.   Hope to see you there!

SignalR and camelCase data contracts

I really like SignalR for its capability to do push notifications from the server to the client. But there are a few thing in SignalR I am not quite happy with. Fortunately SignalR is really pluggable and you can change it to suit your needs. 🙂   PascalCase versus camelCase One thing I am not really happy about is the fact that all data is send over the wire with a request as is. And with SignalR the server tends to be C# where the convention is to have methods and properties in PascalCase. The client side however is JavaScript … Continue reading SignalR and camelCase data contracts

Practical HTML5

The slides from my presentation on Practical use of HTML5 for the DotNed user group.   Practical html5 from Maurice Beijer     The source code can be found here.   There is an online demo version hosted on Azure websites here.   Enjoy!

Using SignalR for real time data updates

In a previous post I showed how easy it is to create a simple chat application using SignalR. And chatting on the internet might be popular but as it turns out there are rather a lot of applications that need to do more than just chat. As it is there are a lot more CRUD style applications, where users edit data usually stored in a database for some purpose, than chat applications. So in this blog post I am using a simple CRUD, without the delete part, application to show the power of SignalR. Traditionally HTML based CRUD would generate … Continue reading Using SignalR for real time data updates

Using SignalR for real time communication on the web

In a previous blog post I mentioned how exited I was about WebSockets and the future with real time duplex communication over the Internet. Unfortunately the current support for WebSockets, both on the client and on the server, is still somewhat limited making this a thing of the future. Does that mean we can do this yet? Not quite.   SignalR to the resque Even if a pure Web Socket solution isn’t possible yet there are perfectly good alternatives. And the one I really like is SignalR as it allows for the same kind of application today. Check out a … Continue reading Using SignalR for real time communication on the web

HTML5 WebSockets

One of the most exiting new things in HTML5 is the ability to start pushing data from the server to the client. Traditionally web applications have depended on clients requesting data from the server. And this is fine in most applications. However there are lots of cases when you might want to push events to the client as soon as they happen and not wait for a client to query for them. For example a stock broker application requires traders to know about stock price changes as soon as they happen, alerting the trader 5 minutes after the fact is … Continue reading HTML5 WebSockets