DotNed Podcast: Peter Provost over unit testen

In deze podcast spreekt Hassan Fadili met Peter Provost over unit testen. Peter Provost is een senior program manager voor Microsoft Visual Studio waar hij aan de agile tools werkt. Tijdens Tech-Ed Europe was hij in Amsterdam voor diverse sessies over TDD en Agile development. Links: Blog: Tech-Ed sessies: Team Test Blog: What’s new for MSTest Unit Tests in Visual Studio 11 Beta: Application Lifecycle Management resource center | SharePoint 2010 Test Release Management Guidance: Rangers Solutions by Version Compare Visual Studio 2012 editions Hassan’s Blog voor alle relevante VS ALM informatie: … Continue reading DotNed Podcast: Peter Provost over unit testen

Windows Workflow Foundation futures and database access

Ron Jacobs showed a number of really cool new workflow features we can be expecting in the next version of Windows Workflow Foundation during the last PDC in Redmond and Tech-Ed Europe in Berlin. One of the new features he demonstrated where the activities we can use to load data from a SQL server database into our workflow. Most of the new features are really cool but the database activities are not.   Why don’t I like the new database activities With the new ExecuteSqlQuery<T> we are back to typing in a literal SQL string to be executed on the … Continue reading Windows Workflow Foundation futures and database access

TechEd day 4

Just another day at the office called TechEd [:)] Today was another good day. Some very interesting sessions to watch and unfortunately some not so good as well. On the good side I heard Justin Smith give a deep dive presentation about WCF and he did an excellent job explaining the internals. I am not sure I will remember every one of the small differences between communication channels he explained but at the very least I know who to ask [:)]. Another excellent session was by Daniel Moth about developing applications for Windows Vista. Vista may not be the most … Continue reading TechEd day 4

TechEd day 2

So another day at TechEd Barcelona. Not all that much to report though. I had booth duty at the Ask The Experts booth all day so didn’t get to see any sessions yet. The booth was pretty quiet with not to many questions, so not much to report there. Now I am waiting for the last session slot of the day. I am going to What is new in WPF 3.5 by Ian Griffiths. I don’t think I have heard him before so I am just as interested in the speaker as the topic. This evening we are getting together … Continue reading TechEd day 2

TechEd Day 1

So TechEd Barcelona has started. Soma Somasegar did the keynote. No big surprises there and no real big announcements either. He did day that Visual Studio 2008 would be RTMed before the end of the month. Not the big news a lot where hopping for, i.e. that it was released today, but still some very welcome news. I am in the forst session now. Or more accurately my second as I walked out of the first as the speakers accent was rather difficult to follow. Too bad because I am sure it would have been an nteresting session showing WPF … Continue reading TechEd Day 1