Congratulations 2009 Microsoft MVP!

Dear Maurice de Beijer, Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2009 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in Connected System Developer technical communities during the past year.   O yes, I am happy again [:)]   [f1] [f2]

Getting started with the repository pattern in Silverlight

The repository pattern is quite a common design pattern when working with databases. And for a good reason as standardizing code on design patterns it makes it easer to read and understand. The typical repository pattern in .NET Most of the time the repository pattern looks something like this. public interface IRepository<T> { IEnumerable<T> All(); IEnumerable<T> FindAll(Func<T, bool> exp); } Note that I am only implementing the loading of data. Normally there would also be methods for saving, deleting and crating new entities but I have left these out for now. In regular .NET code that is just fine but … Continue reading Getting started with the repository pattern in Silverlight

Embedding Flex applications inside of PDF documents, good or bad?

Starting with version 9 it has become possible to embed a Flex application inside of a PDF document. Now this opens up some new exiting possibilities, that much is certain. However I can’t help thinking that virus writes will be just as happy. PDF documents are send around quite a lot and most people think they are completely safe. Now suppose some hacker embeds a malicious application in a PDF document? I have already heard stories that suggest this is already happening. Scary and not good. So I guess I am not sure this is a good thing or not. … Continue reading Embedding Flex applications inside of PDF documents, good or bad?

Some very cool usage of the Wii remote

I recently watched this TED video by Johnny Lee where he demonstrates some very cool usage of the Nindendo Wii. He sort of turns things around by moving the LED around and keeping the handheld receiver in a fixed location. Specially the second part where he shows a three dimensional view on a regular screen by wearing glasses equipped with LED’s is amazing [:)] Enjoy!

Running Windows 7 on a tablet

Today I installed Windows 7 on one of my laptops. Not my main machine, I am not quite ready to take the leap yet, but on a second smaller and newer tablet I carry around more often. First impressions are good! It seems to be as people are saying the OS Vista should have been. Installing Windows 7 was done in no time at all. I used this tip to create a bootable partition on my PDC and install it that way, worked like a charm and was done in no time. Next was installing VS2008 with service pack 1. … Continue reading Running Windows 7 on a tablet

Ice skating

For some reason we Duchies have a national obsession with ice skating on natural ice. I never go skating in a skating ring on artificial ice but when the lake freezes over I can’t really resist and must skate. Guess that is what happens when you live on the waterfront [:)] Here is me skating out behind the house Here is another near the lake. And it was really nice skating weather too! Maybe some more tomorrow before I head out to the airport for a week in London teaching Essential Windows Workflow Foundation.

Two useful batch files when testing with Windows Workflow Foundation

The following are two batch files I use a lot when working with WF persistence and or tracking as I find it desirable to clear the out often. Just drop them in the “C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.0\Windows Workflow Foundation\SQL\EN” directory with the four SQL scripts and recreating the required databases is just a few clicks away. CreatePersistence.bat osql -E -S .\sqlexpress -Q “Drop Database WorkflowPersistence”osql -E -S .\sqlexpress -Q “Create Database WorkflowPersistence” osql -E -S .\sqlexpress -d WorkflowPersistence -i SqlPersistenceService_Schema.sqlosql -E -S .\sqlexpress -d WorkflowPersistence -i SqlPersistenceService_Logic.sql   CreateTracking.bat osql -E -S .\sqlexpress -Q “Drop Database WorkflowTracking”osql -E -S .\sqlexpress -Q “Create Database … Continue reading Two useful batch files when testing with Windows Workflow Foundation

Samples from my Workflow session in Galway

Attached are the session slides and samples from my Workflow Foundation in a Service Oriented world I did earlier today in Galway, Ireland. Hope you enjoyed the presentation as much as I did [:)] Download them here. www.TheProblemSolver.nl

Workflow Publish as Web Service and Visual Studio 2008 using Vista

A few days ago I blogged about the “Publish as Web Service” feature not working for me with VS2008. It turns out this is another case if Vista and VS2008 not being quite compatible [:(]. I was running VS2008 normally and I have User Account Control (UAC) enabled. Not that I am a big fan of UAC but I believe it is a useful step along the security road and people should leave it turned on. And I do as I preach. But if you start VS2008 with administrator privileges, ie right click and select “Run as administrator”, the “Publish … Continue reading Workflow Publish as Web Service and Visual Studio 2008 using Vista

Workflow Publish as Web Service and Visual Studio 2008

I am unsure if this is a problem with my PC but when I am building a workflow using the WebServiceInputActivity and choose “Publish as Web Service” from the context menu I get a real helpfull error message [:(] No other messages appear so that is less that helpfull. Fortunatly it isn’t all that had to publish the workflow manually. Just add a web service project to the solution and add an ASMX file with the following content: <%@ WebService Class=”WebServiceInput.Workflow1_WebService” %> The workflow class is named “WebServiceInput.Workflow1” and just add the “_WebService” suffix to it. Next add a reference … Continue reading Workflow Publish as Web Service and Visual Studio 2008