Nederlandse CodeCamp 2009

Op 21 november 2009 organiseren de SDN, Stichting dotNed en VBcentral samen het derde Nederlandse Code Camp. Dit is een dag lang met code, code sharing, freaking en gezellig samenzijn. Een evenement door ontwikkelaars, voor ontwikkelaars. De regie ligt voor een belangrijk deel bij de deelnemers! Het aantal plaatsen voor deelnemers is wel beperkt tot maximaal 150. Wacht dus niet te lang met beslissen want voor je het weet is er geen plaats meer. Vergeet bij je aanmelding niet op te geven welke onderwerpen je interesse hebben. Bovendien nodigen we iedereen graag uit om zelf een sessie in te vullen. … Continue reading Nederlandse CodeCamp 2009

MVP Summit

So I have been a bit quite these last few weeks. Well a small side trip to Rome was part of the reason [:)]. This is a HDR picture taken at night in the Forum. The picture is actually created from three small JPEG’s I will redo it with the original RAW images when I get them from my girlfriend who is sort of monopolizing my EOS [:(].     See for some more pictures.   But more importantly I have been preparing for the MVP Summit next week. We, that is a lot of MVP’s, will be in Redmond … Continue reading MVP Summit

Software Developer Conference 2007 – Call For Speakers

  The Software Developer Network (SDN) has begun planning for its 16th annual Software Developer Conference (SDC) to be held in The Netherlands on September 17 and 18, 2007. We hereby invite you to submit proposals to be considered for participation as a speaker on this upcoming event.   Software Developer Conference In May 2006, Software Developer Network held its 15th SDC in a row, again presenting the attendees with the latest techniques available. SDC 2006 was attended by over 400 professional software developers. 38 domestic and international speakers presented over 100 sessions on various topics.   Request for Speakers … Continue reading Software Developer Conference 2007 – Call For Speakers

ParseLocals updated

Its always nice to see that people enjoy utilities I wrote. One of those ParseLocals is something I wrote years ago for work in Visual FoxPro and checks the current source file for missing variable declarations. Guess people are still using it because I had a few emails about it recently. Kurt Graßl and Peter Crabtree mailed me with some changes that I have included in the current source.   You can download if from:   Enjoy!       Maurice de Beijer  

Software Developer Event

September 15th we are hosting another Software Developer Event. This SDE is focused on WEB development so if you are in the Netherlands and even remotely interested in WEB development you really should go.   And its not just for .NET developers either, Visual FoxPro, Delphi and Visual Objects developers are welcome too. Of course Java, Ruby and all others too be we don’t have anything special for them L   The session (in Dutch)   Overzicht sprekers en sessies Delphi C# Visual Basic.NET DotNetNuke FoxPro Visual Objects 8:30 Registratie / Ontvangst 9:00 Delphi 2006 en (Custom) DBWeb Controls Bob … Continue reading Software Developer Event

Visual FoxPro ‘Sedna’ March CTP now online

If you are working in Visual FoxPro and want to know more about the Sedna project you might want to take a look at the following link: There you will find the latest CTP as a download.   Even if you are not a VFP developer but use some other COM based language like VB 6 the Sedna project might of interest as it contains NET4COM, a library of COM wrappers around a selected subset of the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.   See Milind’s announcement at the VS Data Team’s WebLog (   Maurice de Beijer