Online WF4 presentation recordings

The recordings from my recent online Windows Workflow Foundation 4 presentation have been posted online. Get them while they are hot [:)]   You can download the samples and PowerPoint from here.   Streaming: Video Download: Video As WMV (used by streaming link): MP3 (iTunes Ready): Download MP3 (iTunes Ready):   Enjoy! [f1] [f2]

Online presentation: Meet the New Workflow WF4

Tomorrow I will be doing an online presentation about Windows Workflow Foundation 4. The meeting lasts 1 hour and starts at 4PM European time, 3PM UTC or 7AM PST. The goal is to provide an overview of WF4 and how to get started with it in Visual Studio 2010.   I will be doing the meeting using LiveMeeting and you can register here. During the meeting I will also be tracking the Twitter hash tag #dmwf4 for additional questions and feedback. “See” you there tomorrow [:)]   [f1] [f2]

Nederlandse CodeCamp 2009

Op 21 november 2009 organiseren de SDN, Stichting dotNed en VBcentral samen het derde Nederlandse Code Camp. Dit is een dag lang met code, code sharing, freaking en gezellig samenzijn. Een evenement door ontwikkelaars, voor ontwikkelaars. De regie ligt voor een belangrijk deel bij de deelnemers! Het aantal plaatsen voor deelnemers is wel beperkt tot maximaal 150. Wacht dus niet te lang met beslissen want voor je het weet is er geen plaats meer. Vergeet bij je aanmelding niet op te geven welke onderwerpen je interesse hebben. Bovendien nodigen we iedereen graag uit om zelf een sessie in te vullen. … Continue reading Nederlandse CodeCamp 2009

Want to download all MIX sessions?

Then you should check Mike Swanson’s blog post here. He has two batch files, the first downloads all MIX session recordings with in the format you like, the second renames them so it is easier to make sense of all the media file names. If you just want a list of all sessions with download links this page might be the thing for you. So much better than downloading them by hand. Not as good as going to the MIX itself but if you, like me, couldn’t go it is still a nice way to see all the content. Enjoy!

PDC session download

Want to download and watch all PDC content? Then there are a couple of ways to get at them. The official way if to go through the session agenda at the conference site. See You see all sessions but it takes a bit of work. Another nice way is through Channel 9 by using the following feed: But the best as far as I am concerned is using the list compiled by Greg Duncan. Check this list And it even has the Visual Basic source code used to generate the list [:)] Enjoy the videos! [f1][f2]

Microsoft Netherlands Community DevCast

The Dutch Microsoft office has posted the first of the Community DevCast we recorded. The host is Alex Thissen who actually does most of the work as he also edits the screencasts so don’t forget to thank him next week when you run into him at the Dutch DevDays. I am happy to say that amongst the first 6 screencasts released are no less that 4 I did with Alex about Workflow Foundation. And there are more to come so stay tuned. The other two are about C# and done by Dennis Vroegop again with Alex as the host. You … Continue reading Microsoft Netherlands Community DevCast

Software Developer Event on March 28th

Next march 28 we are hosting another SDE event in Ede, the Netherlands. There is an impressive list of speakers and sessions, check it out here. I will be doing a session about the new Workflow Foundation features in the .NET framework 3.5. These new features, also known as Silver, enable workflows to work together with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) in a real nice and intuitive manner [:)] And just to get a taste here is a screen cast made during the last SDE held in December. The screen cast is in Dutch and for SDN members only! Enjoy

Cool CodeRush/Refactor video

If you have never seen CodeRush in action you should check out the video in Jackie Goldstein’s blog post. This was created when he asked Kim Major to do a presentation. The effect is pretty cool. Now I use Refactor and CodeRush but I am nowhere as fast as this, even with practice [:(] Guess I should study up on all the hotkeys as I saw quite a few I don’t know about. BTW CodeRush and Refactor are created by Mark Miller, an amazing guy in more than one way [:)] Enjoy! 

Are you doing forms over data apps?

Well in that case you might want to check out these videos. There are 8 of them at the moment and they show how to do the most common tasks. These videos are created by Beth Massi of the Visual Basic team so all the code is in VB but even if you are a C# developer they are real useful! Update: It is kind of useful to include the link [:)] so here it is Recommended!