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Create Migration Batches With Common Parameters

Filed under: Exchange Server,PowerShell — Thomas Stensitzki at 2:57 pm on Tuesday, July 14, 2020  Tagged ,

This is a community PowerShell script to simplify Exchange Server mailbox migrations and is available on Github.


  • Validate CSV file for required column EmailAddress prior to creating migration batch in Exchange
  • Automatic batch naming based on CSV file name
  • Common notification email address settings
  • Variable AutoComplete of batches
  • Common logging of script activities



Migrate users configured in in CSV file MyBatchFile.csv and complete migration automatically

.\Move-MailboxesAsBatch.ps1 -CSVFile .\MyBatchFile.csv -AutoComplete

Migrate users configured in in CSV file MyBatchFile.csv, allow 10 bad items, notify and do not complete migration automatically

.\Move-MailboxesAsBatch.ps1 -CSVFile .\MyBatchFile.csv -BadItemLimit 10 -NotificationEmails @("")



This post was previously published on my legacy SF-Tools blog.
Original publishing date: 2015-07-17

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