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Querying Exchange Server Schema and Version Information

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Exchange Server relies heavily on Active Directory. Therefore, you must ensure that the following three Active Directory components are prepared for the most recent release of Exchange Server that you want to install or upgrade to: The Schema The Forest Every domain within the forest you want to use for Exchange Server or Exchange recipient […]

Start Scheduled Tasks Remotely

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When you maintain a number of servers which require to trigger the same scheduled task manually, you can simply the process by triggering the scheduled task remotely. In this example, I assume that the script is being executed on a dedicated management server (aka job server) within an Exchange Server 2013 environment. The scheduled task […]

The local machine is not an Exchange server

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While trying to get public folder statistics on an Exchange 2007 server I came across the following error: The local machine is not an Exchange server.   Get-PublicFolderStatistics : The local machine is not an Exchange server. Please specify the name of a Mailbox server. At line:1 char:75 + Get-PublicFolder “\PUBLICFOLDER” -Recurse | Get-PublicFolderStatistics << […]

Create Migration Batches With Common Parameters

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This is a community PowerShell script to simplify Exchange Server mailbox migrations and is available on Github. Features Validate CSV file for required column EmailAddress prior to creating migration batch in Exchange Automatic batch naming based on CSV file name Common notification email address settings Variable AutoComplete of batches Common logging of script activities   […]

Thomas’ Tech Talk – Overview

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Thomas’ Tech Talk – YouTube Channel Overview of my YouTube recordings (in German).   Tech Talk 12: Exchange Server Support Life-Cycle Tech Talk 11: Exchange Server und HealthChecker.ps1 Tech Talk 10: Exchange Server und hybride Identitäten Tech Talk 9: Exchange Server vNext Tech Talk 8: Exchange Server 2016 Ende Mainstream Support Tech Talk 7: ADFS […]

Purge-LogFiles updated to v2.3

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The PowerShell script to purge log files of modern Exchange Server editons has been updated to version 2.3. The new version supports: dynamic Exchange Server installation paths across multiple servers deletion of the HTTPERR folder HTML formatting for email notification email Additionally, the script is tested with Exchange Server 2019. You can download the source […]

Select non-default receive connectors

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Sometines you want to select all non-default receive connectors for further processing in PowerShell. The following simple example selects all receive connectors excluding the connectors using server name as part of the connector name. When querying the receive connectors for a server you will get all configured connectors. Get-ReceiveConnector -Server $Server | ft -AutoSize Identity […]

The Stepchild of Exchange Server – The Edge Transport Role

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The Exchange Edge server role was introduced with Exchange Server 2007. Back in those days, it was State-Of-The-Art to terminate protocol connections in the perimeter network, preferably on servers not being member servers of an internal Enterprise Active Directory. The Edge server role had been introduced by the Exchange product team to meet this design […]

Thomas’ Tech Talk YouTube Channel

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My new Tech Talk YouTube Channel (German) is online. I have published the first talk this week, covering the migration options for Exchange Server 2010. The upcoming end-of-life of Exchange Server 2010 on October 13th 2020 brings some challenges to Exchange organisations still running on 2010.   Enjoy.

Exchange Environment Report – V2 – updated

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The PowerShell script for generating an Exchange Environment Report has been updated to version 2.2. The changes for this version are: Bug fixes and enhancements CCS fixes for Html header tags (issue #5) New script parameter ShowDriveNames added to optionally show drive names for EDB/LOG file paths in database table (issue #4) Exchange organization name added to […]