Single Point of Failure?

We posted an interesting survey yesterday on myITforum to see if certain Administrators were the Single Point of Failure for Patch Management in their company.  A surprising amount of people responded that they were, and an even more surprising amount sent me emails offline about it.  Some responded to me saying that it has been 3-6 months since a patch had been deployed at their organization because they were taken from their SMS responsibilities and on to something else!  At first I was astounded by this.  In today’s day of the SUSFP and the native Software Updates features in SMS 2003 … Continue reading Single Point of Failure?

New Management Blog

Welcome to my new Blog covering Management technologies, processes, and thoughts. Hopefully this can serve as another avenue to spread ideas in this area on what others in the industry are doing and also deliver new information as it happens. So what are Manageability Products? Traditionally these are products such as SMS, Tivoli, MOM, etc that enable Administrators to better ‘Manage’ their network resources and lower TCO. This area, at least as Microsoft goes, seems to be expanding more into other areas. Take authentication now. AD has many Intellimirror features that give some organizations a small and limited subset of … Continue reading New Management Blog