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Welcome to my new Blog covering Management technologies, processes, and thoughts. Hopefully this can serve as another avenue to spread ideas in this area on what others in the industry are doing and also deliver new information as it happens.

So what are Manageability Products? Traditionally these are products such as SMS, Tivoli, MOM, etc that enable Administrators to better ‘Manage’ their network resources and lower TCO. This area, at least as Microsoft goes, seems to be expanding more into other areas. Take authentication now. AD has many Intellimirror features that give some organizations a small and limited subset of Manageability like Software Distribution or control through GPO, etc. Its funny how products like SMS traverse many fields like Security and Auditing and really shows the power and control that Administrators have over their networks.

Management Products Rule. There are a lot of issues with them though such as deployment, configuration, and knowledge that have to be overcome for success. With proper research, testing, and learning by your staff most products should be successful in any environment. I often find myself wondering in this area if Administrators are driving the direction of the products or if vendors themselves are. Many times I see new features added or changed and I have no idea where the thought process for this comes from. The real answer for the most part is that customer requests (and demands) force product change over time and vendors can only hope that this leads to a more robust feature set. It seems though that Administrators of larger networks are 180 degrees different than developers in that they resist change even if they asked for it. This is a big reason why deployment of products like SMS fail is because of the closed-mindedness that many Administrators have. If you read, learn, and ask questions first rather than argue and belittle technology your grasp of it will come much faster.

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