Reaction Times

Thinking about feature sets in products, its really evident that there will always be give and take on both ends. How much is to much though? Back in the day SMS Administrators used to have a pretty rough time creating big packages for patch management. There was detection of the OS, seeing which updates were needed, installing the proper ones, verifying that they were installed, etc, etc, etc. What a pain that was. I find myself asking though – are we better off having simplicity given by Microsoft into the product if the accuracy is lower than using our in-house developed tools?

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the new Software Updates features of SMS 2.0 and especially the UI interaction in SMS2K3. But I can also throw down with the best of them when it comes to packaging and scripting. And my Hotfix packages never used to have the detection problems like we see today with the MBSA. So basically what this means is you have a bunch of very technical scripters and packagers that used to code and are now given a solution set from Microsoft because of product feedback but now when there is an issue with detection, etc, they have to sit in front of management and explain that although their jobs are easier to do now they have more hassles to deal with.

Not only that, but add to the fact that its not always that there is an MBSA detection issue but many times it flat out can’t detect it and you are no better off than you were before. How long has the SUSFP for 2.0 been out now? Over 1 1/2 years? Personally I’m a person that does something all or nothing and expect the same from members of my team. Its very frustrating when I’m paying money for a product and it only does 85% of what it claims to do.

And I’m not just slamming MS or the MBSA here. Shavlik and other vendors have the same trouble (case in point, no one detects OE or IM updates which is a joke since OE is part of the Operating System really). Yes I realize that file checksums and registry checks must work together to make sure everything was installed fine, but what would rock would be a system that you could bypass one or the other and use the intrinsic SMS functions to detect needed updates. Like instead of SMS_DEF.MOF editing if the Software Updates Scan Tool had an INI file that could have lines added for registry checks that would roll up into SMS.

I just hate having something that only works 85% of the time when I could do it myself (yes with a bit more work) and be more accurate.  Microsoft and other ISVs know about these issues plauging the field.  Its about time to react and fix them instead of contstantly hearing about roadmaps.

49 thoughts on “Reaction Times

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