Uggghhhh!!!!! My Sync Tool isn’t working either!!!!

Man oh man doesn’t it just suck when you work so hard on automating your Patch Management infrastructure and its someone else’s software configuration screwing up that is causing you headaches. Again this month reports of peoples Security Update Bulletin Catalog (MSSECURE.CAB) aren’t downloading the latest copy. This is due to ISP’s caching the old one. Unfortunately the only way to fix is to call up your ISP, tell them to clear the cache, and tell them (try and be nice) to stop caching going forward.

Now….I know there are a lot of smart fellers up there in Redmond. A lot of them are buddies of mine. Perhaps there is something we can do in the future in the Sync Tool code to work around this issue (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). 😉

Anyone in the community got an idea? I’d love to hear them? How about renaming the cab to reflect the month? Send them to me or post them!

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