Does Microsoft think SMS Software Packaging is dead?

A few weeks ago I was doing Q&A at the SMS booth with some Microsoft employees at TechEd and a woman approached us about the best way to roll out a particular piece of software. If I remember correctly, she currently uses InstallSheild to call the vendor’s silent installation routine but her question was in regards to the package reporting fields within the SMS Administrator’s console. After she walked away the comment was made to me “People still package software before rolling it out, huh?”. WOW. I was blown away that there are people inside the SMS Product group don’t … Continue reading Does Microsoft think SMS Software Packaging is dead?


Some may know already, but I put together a guide consisting of a compilation of the SUSFP knowledge from the community.  You can get it here.  What an awesome experience I’ve had making this guide!  Essentially this is the culmination of about 2-3 years using SMS for patch management with and without the SUSFP.  I’ve had the good fortune of getting known as the “SMS Patch Management Guy” in the SMS Community which has not only pushed my SMS skills to their limit at times but also given me the opportunity to work with A LOT of different people across … Continue reading New SMS SUSFP Guide

I’m Back with TechEd Notes!

Back from vacation now – sorry its been quiet here for a couple weeks. I actually split my time between relatives visiting in town and helping out the SMS Product group by manning the SMS booth at TechEd last week (oh yeah and a 1 night trip to Vegas). What an interesting experience at TechEd! My name tag actually listed that I worked for Microsoft along with having to wear one of the traditional geeky blue shirts so everyone thought I worked for Microsoft 🙂 Its really interesting seeing how fast people do a flip-flop when talking to you and … Continue reading I’m Back with TechEd Notes!