Some may know already, but I put together a guide consisting of a compilation of the SUSFP knowledge from the community.  You can get it here.  What an awesome experience I’ve had making this guide!  Essentially this is the culmination of about 2-3 years using SMS for patch management with and without the SUSFP.  I’ve had the good fortune of getting known as the “SMS Patch Management Guy” in the SMS Community which has not only pushed my SMS skills to their limit at times but also given me the opportunity to work with A LOT of different people across a multitude of environments.  Thinking back on this now, I guess I kind of fell into the role by being the first one to backwards engineer a lot of what the Microsoft folks did for the sheer fact that the geek inside me needs to always tear apart stuff and know what’s under the hood.  I also have been very lucky in meeting the right people behind the scenes who give me answers to questions to made me look like a smart guy and who I will never be able to thank enough, as well as the other SMS Jedi that hang around the community and have helped me along the way.  The best part about this has been all the good friends I’ve made by helping them come to grips with the SUSFP and develop comprehensive PM strategies for their organizations.  I can’t even count the number of people that I’ve talked to on different lists, forums, newsgroups, conferences, offline emails, and even phone conversations in the past year about the SUSFP.  This guide is really that – a summary of everything I’ve learned and experienced with this toolset over the past couple of years for any people that I haven’t reached yet and to get them up to speed quick.  Mostly I’d like to thank the community and those dedicated to supporting the SMS community as a whole because without you this wouldn’t exist!


Take this guide to be exactly that – a guide.  As with any documentation it may not contain all the answers you are looking for in your environment or be 100% accurate but hopefully will point you in the right direction.  I hope to do one in the future for SMS 2003 as well, but many of the tools and process in this guide can be used for 2003 for the time being.

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