Integrating your users with SMS

One aspect in deploying SMS can be to let your user base interact with the SMS environment. Many organizations don’t take advantage of a lot of the new features in SMS since older versions of the product had caveats of being site-wide settings or not working properly. Good examples of this are the Software Updates functionality of letting the user define their own schedules or using the individual program settings pop up a taskbar notification to open up Add / Remove Programs. An easy way to lower support costs in your organization is by minimizing the need for Desktop Technicians to … Continue reading Integrating your users with SMS

Good numbers

For those that missed it, SMS 2003 SP1 has been released and its getting some pretty good reviews so far. I decided to do a bit of comparison since this is a bit of a landmark for SMS2K3.  The real famous Service Pack for SMS 2.0 was SP2 because of all the problems it caused (cough, cough, I mean fixed).  🙂 2.0 SP2 (;en-us;258682) – 136 bugs   2K3 SP1(;EN-US;885644) – 27 bugs   Pretty good numbers if you ask me!