AdminStudio SMS Edition?

A while back we had a lively debate on SMS Packaging tools. In that time Microsoft has worked with InstallSheild to offer AdminStudio SMS Edition because of the need mainly for people to edit MSI files and customize them for deployments. This tool by no means eliminates the need for SMS Installer since you can’t do any custom scripting, etc, without purchasing the full AdminStudio. The documentation is also pretty weak IMHO which I’m not sure if that falls on the shoulders of Microsoft or InstallSheild to offer more public guides for this. Either way I recommend everyone to download this and at least try it out so that you can compare it to whatever tools you currently use today and decide if it would be useful as a standard part of your organization’s toolset. After doing that go ahead and vote in the poll we have below because this information will be viewed by Microsoft as feedback on AdminStudio SMS Edition and what direction they should take going forward.


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