Fikree’s PowerPoint Games Projects

If you have not seen any PowerPoint games done by Mohammad Ahmed Fikree, then you are certainly missing out some great stuff! Ranging from Pointer’s Way Arcade to Green Box, the amount of effort put in is definitely worth it. These games are similar to those created with Macromedia Flash. You can check out Fikree’s PowerPoint Games at Do look out for Pointer’s Way Arcade, which is Fikree’s recommendation. These files are big! You have been warned 😉

The Human Brain

I received this presentation in my email today. Looks pretty interesting and hence would like to share with you guys. Basically, it’s about the mind tricking what you will be seeing on the screen. At first, I thought that there were some animations added on it, but obviously I am wrong! (That is, if you run the presentation in a slide show. 😉 ) Check this out:

The PowerPoint & OfficeArt Team Blog

Howard Cooperstein, Ric Bretschneider and Mark Jaremko, the Program Mangers for PowerPoint have started a blog on PowerPoint 2007 and OfficeArt. This blog covers latest news on OfficeArt which will definitely be useful if you are interested in PowerPoint 2007. Started on March 2006, there will be lots of fresh postings coming in frequently. Look out for planned special focus on OfficeArt on Wednesdays!The blog is located at:

Send Word to PowerPoint

Microsoft Office Word offers you a nice feature that allows you to send Word documents into PowerPoint presentations. With this Send To feature, you can easily create a presentation from word documents. To send your word document to PowerPoint, from Microsoft Office Word, simply click File > Send To > Microsoft Office PowerPoint. BUT WAIT! You will probably get an unexpected result, and this may not be what you want. The solution is to properly configure your document through styles and formatting.First of all, you will need to bring up the Styles and Formatting task pane from Microsoft Office Word. … Continue reading Send Word to PowerPoint

Spin and Grow animations get jagged in PowerPoint

In PowerPoint 2002/XP and 2003, you can add the Emphasis (Spin) and Emphasis (Grow/Shrink) effects onto objects. These are good effects that you can use to animate your presentations. Unfortunately, the object may become jagged, blurry or loses quality after the animation. If you are enlarging an image and it gets blurry, there is a workaround on PowerPoint Heaven: Tutorial on Retain image quality when Emphasis: Grow. Since the tutorial solves only the enlarging issue, you will probably need to do another workaround with the spin effect. In addition, it may gets too complicated if you are doing it on many objects. So what … Continue reading Spin and Grow animations get jagged in PowerPoint

Realistic Ball Effects with PowerPoint

I have submitted a sample to Indezine for Bevel and Shadow effects on balls using PowerPoint previously. The sample includes Ball Effects variations (5 variations, 4 colors each) accompanied by 6 examples on how you can make use them. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the link: Screenshot of Ball Effects sample

Triangle Arts: Part II

In the previous article on Triangle Arts: Part I, we talked about creating interesting patterns with triangles. Today, you will see how this can be achieved. First of all, you will need to create 8 triangles as seen on the picture below. You can start up with one triangle first.Next, set the fill to gray color, then go into Fill Effects. Click on the Gradient tab, and set “To: ” to 100%.The end result should looks like this:Figure 1: Triangle Arts, how it should looks like at the start.Next, hold down Ctrl and select A on your keyboard. Ctrl-A will allow … Continue reading Triangle Arts: Part II

PowerPoint Movie: Evolution Warriors

Have you read the article regarding Project “Kungfu” earlier on? Project “Kungfu” has now been published and released on PowerPoint Heaven. The official name is Evolution Warriors.Evolution Warriors is a PowerPoint Movie. This movie contains 1,500+ custom animations and all graphics are done entirely with PowerPoint’s AutoShapes. Evolution Warriors is a Fade Motion production, which slightly differs from the Full Motion found in Shadow Fighter, another PowerPoint Movie series produced by PowerPoint Heaven. Here’s the storyline of Evolution Warriors:In the Northern part of China, there lived a man with great powers named Fury Demon. He was nicknamed as the ‘Swift Killer’ … Continue reading PowerPoint Movie: Evolution Warriors

Triangle Arts: Part I

Below is an attachment on how you can play around with Triangles to create some interesting patterns. Are you able to figure out the solution? Slide 4 has the answer! And if you do, challenge yourself to create something similar to Slide 5 and 6. Tutorial will be coming up on “Triangle Arts: Part II”.   Download the attachment here: