Spin and Grow animations get jagged in PowerPoint

In PowerPoint 2002/XP and 2003, you can add the Emphasis (Spin) and Emphasis (Grow/Shrink) effects onto objects. These are good effects that you can use to animate your presentations. Unfortunately, the object may become jagged, blurry or loses quality after the animation. If you are enlarging an image and it gets blurry, there is a workaround on PowerPoint Heaven: Tutorial on Retain image quality when Emphasis: Grow.

Since the tutorial solves only the enlarging issue, you will probably need to do another workaround with the spin effect. In addition, it may gets too complicated if you are doing it on many objects. So what is the “One and for all” solution?

There is. Provided if your graphic or video card supports Direct3D. If you are unaware of it, try testing it out and see if there are any improvements on the animated object (with spin or grow effects added).

In PowerPoint, click Slide Show > Set Up Show. Under the Performance section, put a checkmark to “Use hardware graphics acceleration”. At the same time, you may also want to click on the Tips button to learn more about improving the animation performance. Finally, click OK. Run the slide show now and see if there are any improvements on the spin or grow effects. Take note though, that if your graphic or video card does not support the “hardware graphics acceleration” feature in PowerPoint, you may experience performance issues. If this occurs, you will have to turn it off. 

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