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Microsoft Office Word offers you a nice feature that allows you to send Word documents into PowerPoint presentations. With this Send To feature, you can easily create a presentation from word documents.

To send your word document to PowerPoint, from Microsoft Office Word, simply click File > Send To > Microsoft Office PowerPoint. BUT WAIT! You will probably get an unexpected result, and this may not be what you want. The solution is to properly configure your document through styles and formatting.

First of all, you will need to bring up the Styles and Formatting task pane from Microsoft Office Word. To do so, click Format > Styles and Formatting. Now here’s how PowerPoint picks up the formatting from Word:

  • Text that are formatted with Heading 1 will be converted to Title text in PowerPoint.

  • Text that are formatted with Heading 2 will be converted to primary bullet.

  • Text that are formatted with Heading 3 will be converted to sub-bullet (2nd level bullet), Heading 4 will be converted to 3rd level bullet, so on and so forth.

Repeat the steps above to start on with the next slide.

One thing to take note though. Text with unformatted style will not be sent to PowerPoint in this case. In addition, objects such as tables, diagrams, pictures, autoshapes and etc, cannot be sent to PowerPoint.

For Microsoft Office 2007

Word 2007 doesn’t allow you to publish to PowerPoint 2007 by default.
Here’s the solution:

After you are done in Word 2007, save it as a Word document.
Now open PowerPoint 2007.
Click on the Office Button at the top left hand corner.
Click Open.
Under Files of type, select All Outlines.
Now select the Word document and click Open.

In Word 2007, right click on the ribbon.
Select Customize Quick Access Toolbar.
Under “Choose commands from:”, select Commands not in the ribbon.
Look for “Send to Microsoft Office PowerPoint”.
Click Ok.
The command will then be added onto the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT).

16 thoughts on “Send Word to PowerPoint

  1. Great But:

    How do you get your slide notes from word into the Notes Pane of ppt?  Cutting and pasting 50 times is painful!

  2. Yeah this doesn’t work for Office 2007 I keep getting an error message that says I don’t have a text convertor installed for this file type.

  3. What about all the folks (like me) who have numerous and/or large word docs with all kinds of valuable tables, images, graphics, wmf shapes etc. which NEED to be included in the PPT presentation? All of these elements work on PPT exactly as they do in Word. So why on earth create an export function that can’t handle the content?! Isn’t this a massive blind spot?
    I’m desperate for a solution, and am ready to pay for some kind of script that can do the job. Manual cut/paste is NOT an option.
    Help from somewhere?!

  4. No sé si entiendes español, pero créeme que tus consejos fueron de gran ayuda. Muchas gracias.

    It was very helpful!!! Thank you.

  5. For this to work correctly, you must do your WORD Document in OUTLINE FORMAT and Type in one of the Six Level Headings. Works fine for me in ’07 and in previous editions of WORD and PPT, at least using the alternative method above. BTW, you can’t find this answer on MS website.

  6. I sugguess the convertion to PDF, once the Word document is ready. I mean, PDF allows full screen and then you can go to next page with ->
    Its just like a presentation, obviusly without the transitions and multimedia kinda stuff. But still works fine to exposs an idea, dont you think?

    (sorry for my english, I hope you understand)

  7. Ok guys! I did this and then my poweroint opened! But then the outline didn’t transfer into powerpoint? I looked everywhere on the internet to figure out what to do and even hit the question ??? mark on the top right corner of my Powerpoint? What do I do???

    HELP anyone??

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