PowerPoint Tables in 2007

Following the previous article on Using the Insert Table Command, The PowerPoint and OfficeArt Team has blogged a special guest post from Jason Schneekloth, Program Manager for PowerPoint Tables. What’s new with tables in PowerPoint 2007?Check this out: http://blogs.msdn.com/powerpoint/archive/2006/07/21/674214.aspx

New Icons for Office 2007

The Microsoft Office “user experience” team has been working on the development for Microsoft Office 2007’s new product icons and has now released them for preview. Take a look at these new Microsoft Office 2007 icons on “Jensen Harris: An Office User Interface Blog”! The icon for PowerPoint 2007 is on the third row, third column. Are you able to figure out what the rest of the icons represent? 😉Link: http://blogs.gotdotnet.com/jensenh/archive/2006/07/26/678606.aspx

Using the Insert Table Command

You will often find yourself inserting a table using Insert > Table, and then keying in the columns and rows manually. But there is a much more convenience way of doing it. Through the “Insert Table” command located on the standard toolbar, you can save some time and keep yourself away from pressing the keyboard.Figure 1: “Insert Table” Command on the standard toolbar.Figure 2: “Insert Table” Command when selected.On the first look, if you hover over the table cells, it may seems like you can only create a 4 x 5 table using the “Insert Table” command on the standard toolbar. But this … Continue reading Using the Insert Table Command

Fikree’s Projects – Pointer’s Way 2

Fikree’s PowerPoint Game, Pointer’s Way 2 is out. You can download the .rar version at:http://files.filefront.com/Pointers_Way_2/;5271936;;/fileinfo.htmlYou can also take a look at the new released trailer for Pointer’s Way 2:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3lh1DOA0I8A .zip version of the game will be available on PowerPoint Heaven soon.Scroll your way through 60 levels. Avoid killer obstacles, and unlock things to get pass through! Pointer’s Way 2 is a sequel to previous Pointer’s Way. If you haven’t try out Pointer’s Way, you can download the zipped version at PowerPoint Heaven: http://pptheaven.mvps.org/fikree.html

Motion Paths repositioning itself

Often, shortening a motion path to about half of its original size will cause it to reposition itself. To put it in simple, let’s say if you are adding a Motion Path (Bringing up the Custom Animation, then click Add Effect > Motion Paths). Next, you want to adjust the Motion Path by shortening it.Unfortunately, everytime you try adjusting the Motion Path, it jumps to another location / position on the slide. Therefore, you will often need to move the Motion Path back to its original location / position manually. This step is definitely tedious and takes up quite an amount … Continue reading Motion Paths repositioning itself

Fikree’s Projects

Still remember the news posted earlier on? Fikree’s PowerPoint Games are now hosted by PowerPoint Heaven so that more people can get to enjoy these games and also get a chance to learn more about creating games with PowerPoint.For more information, visit the news page in PowerPoint Heaven at http://pptheaven.mvps.org

Advanced PowerPoint Animations

Looking for some awesome PowerPoint Animations? Today, I will post up some links which you maybe interested to take a look at. If advanced or complex PowerPoint Animations is what you are looking for, read on. They are in no particular order. Most of the samples require PowerPoint 2002/XP and 2003. If you are using older versions of PowerPoint or don’t own one, you can download the free PowerPoint Viewer 2003. Here’s a list of sites that contains advanced animations:If you haven’t get to see my site <grin>: Shawn Toh’s PowerPoint Heaven, which contains PowerPoint movies (similar to those created in Macromedia … Continue reading Advanced PowerPoint Animations

How to make an animated movie

This is a 7 minutes animated movie done by Sven Hauth. This movie talks about a character who tries to make an animated movie. Not really related to PowerPoint, but definitely worth a look and may probably spark you up with some good ideas if you are going for movie (e.g. Flash, PowerPoint movies, etc) related projects.Check this out:http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8683020727511417227

AutoShapes Art and Animations (Announcement)

Have you seen the recent tutorials on Triangle Arts? I have uploaded a AutoShapes Art and Animations showcase on PowerPoint Heaven today. The concept is similar to Triangle Arts, but more sophisticated and also with addition of animations. To download the showcase, follow this link: http://pptheaven.mvps.org/animations.html#Showcase.

Develop Without Borders contest

The office system platform team has just launched a cool contest and the target (non-profit organizations) is even better to make a difference in the society. The contest is called Develop without Borders, developed as a joint effort between IW and DPE with support from HP and offers over $150,000 in prizes. Here’s how it goes: Developers choose a charitable organization that they would like to help, understand the business challenges that it faces, and propose a solution based on the 2007 Office system that addresses one or more of those challenges. The solutions that make the most impact on … Continue reading Develop Without Borders contest