Fikree’s Projects – Pointer’s Way 2

Fikree’s PowerPoint Game, Pointer’s Way 2 is out. You can download the .rar version at:;5271936;;/fileinfo.html
You can also take a look at the new released trailer for Pointer’s Way 2:
A .zip version of the game will be available on PowerPoint Heaven soon.

Scroll your way through 60 levels. Avoid killer obstacles, and unlock things to get pass through! Pointer’s Way 2 is a sequel to previous Pointer’s Way. If you haven’t try out Pointer’s Way, you can download the zipped version at PowerPoint Heaven:

2 thoughts on “Fikree’s Projects – Pointer’s Way 2

  1. Great game! Good use of graphics to add interest to a simple principle. But is there any function on Powerpoint or VB Script which could be used in order to make an object follow the cursor to make the game that bit more professional? Or is there any way to ‘track’ the pointer’s position?

  2. I’d like to know how you made the credits system, I’m close to figuring it out but i keep losing myself.

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