Using the Insert Table Command

You will often find yourself inserting a table using Insert > Table, and then keying in the columns and rows manually. But there is a much more convenience way of doing it. Through the “Insert Table” command located on the standard toolbar, you can save some time and keep yourself away from pressing the keyboard.

Figure 1: “Insert Table” Command on the standard toolbar.

Figure 2: “Insert Table” Command when selected.

On the first look, if you hover over the table cells, it may seems like you can only create a 4 x 5 table using the “Insert Table” command on the standard toolbar. But this is only a default preview. It actually allows you to insert up to 25 x 25 table (max.), depending on your display resolution.

Figure 3: “Insert Table” Command stretching up to a 25 x 21 table.

So how do you stretch it up so that it can goes beyond a 4 x 5 table?
First, click on the “Insert Table” command on the standard toolbar.
Next, click and hold on the first cell, then drag it to expand the table.
Lastly, release your mouse click to insert the table.
If you want to abort inserting the table, simply drag the mouse out of the cells area, or press the ‘Esc’ key.

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