Mike Fried’s PowerPoint and Development Blog

Mike Fried is a developer in the PowerPoint Team working on Office 2003 and 2007. He has started blogging recently and would like to share with us some useful information where people (particularly PowerPoint customers) can put it to some good use. You can take a look at his blog here: http://blogs.msdn.com/mike_frieds_blog/

Speed Test

Nothing related to PowerPoint, but a cool looking Bandwidth speed test which you might be interested to try out!http://www.speedtest.net

Scrolling Banner – Tutorial

Previously, I have posted a sample on how scrolling banner can be achieved in PowerPoint. Today, I will go through the steps:First of all, you will need to create a duplicate of the scrolling banner. To do so, right click on the banner, and click Copy. Next, click Edit > Paste.Position the original banner on the top of the slide. Now, place the duplicated banner beside (at the right side) the original ones.Ensure that there are no gaps in between.Hold down the Shift key and select both the banners. Click the Draw button on the drawing toolbar located at the … Continue reading Scrolling Banner – Tutorial

Fikree’s Projects – Pointer’s Way 3 Demo released

Fikree has released his Pointer’s Way 3 Demo. You can download the PowerPoint game here. Take note that it is in .rar format: http://files.filefront.com/Pointers_Way_3_Demo/;5452230;;/fileinfo.htmlTo download the previous PowerPoint games by Fikree, check out PowerPoint Heaven at:http://pptheaven.mvps.org/fikree.html

OfficeFX Review

Just finished the review for Instant Effects’ OfficeFX. OfficeFX is a third party software by Instant Effects which allows you to transform static PowerPoint slides into dynamic presentations with stunning 3D visual impact. The write-up is also accompanied by videos which is converted through OfficeFX itself. The review can be found in PowerPoint Heaven, under the Cool Add-ins section here.

Scrolling Banner

You have a banner or several images that you want them to scroll across the screen continuously, looping itself until the next slide. In addition, you don’t want any gaps in between. This is a question posted in the PowerPoint newsgroup recently. Here’s a sample that I have come up with and would like to share with everyone:http://pptheaven.mvps.org/blog/ScrollingPictures.zipTutorial will be up next.

Circle the keywords

Lets say you have a slide filled up with a number of points. During the slide show, you want the audience to take note on certain keywords. One way you can do is to draw a ring (a circle without fill color) around the keywords and animate it in such a way that the ring is being drawn around the keywords automatically during the slide show.This can be done in PowerPoint, with the help of Wheel effect. Using PowerPoint 2002/XP and above, go to the Custom Animation (Click Slide Show > Custom Animation). Select the ring on the slide.Now, click Add Effect > Entrance … Continue reading Circle the keywords

Tile up your background

In PowerPoint, you can tile up your background so that you will see repeated images filling up your slides. This may look tricky, because there isn’t an option where you can choose to tile or stretch your background. So how can this be done?First, click Format > Background. Click on the dropdown field and select Fill Effects. This will bring up the Fill Effects dialog box. Select the texture tab.Click on “Other Texture…”.Look for the image you want for tiling the background.Click Insert.Click Ok and Apply to All. Now, you will see repeated image filling up the slides.