Microsoft Office 2007 on Wikipedia

If you want to check up certain information on the internet, Wikipedia is probably a good place to start with. For example, if you take a look at Office 2007, Wikipedia does have a good amount of details: Here's a short summary extracted from Wikipedia:"The 2007 Microsoft Office System, also known as Microsoft Office 2007, is Microsoft's next release of its productivity suite, slated to replace Microsoft Office 2003. Microsoft Office 2007, formerly known as Office 12 in the initial stages of its beta cycle, is scheduled to be released in November 2006 for volume licensing customers and in the … Continue reading Microsoft Office 2007 on Wikipedia

Deactivated triggers

As with the last two topics, we have covered Trigger in a trigger and Deactivating a trigger. These two methods allow you to disable a trigger and have it works on specific conditions. So what if the user clicks on the deactivated trigger? If the user does so, he will be proceeding to the next slide. This is not what we want. Instead, if the user clicks on the deactivated trigger, he should expect nothing to happen. Here's 2 ways that you can do to prevent the slide from advancing: 1) Using the invisible autoshape that is covering the trigger, have it hyperlinked … Continue reading Deactivated triggers

What’s New for Developers in PowerPoint 2007?

Microsoft Office Developer Center has a site on "What's New for Developers in PowerPoint 2007". On this site, you will find materials such as articles, videos, code samples, downloads and etc. If you are a developer, you wouldn't want to miss this out: And also if you are interested, ZDNet UK has previously written an article on PowerPoint 2007 beta 2:,39024195,39272152,00.htm

Deactivating a trigger

Previously, we talk about Trigger in a trigger, where an animation trigger will be activated on the random completion of three other trigger animations. Today, I will be showing you another example on how you can manipulate with triggers. In this tutorial, you will learn how to deactivate a trigger. If you have seen the previous tutorial, this should sound easy. Same thing, we are going to make use of the "Invisible AutoShape". So here's the scenario: For instance, I have two buttons, Button A and B. Clicking on either A or B will activate some animations. In addition, IF … Continue reading Deactivating a trigger

Trigger in a trigger

Recently on the Microsoft Office PowerPoint Newsgroup, a user came up with a question on how to create an animation trigger dependent on the random completion of three other trigger animations. For instance, I have 3 buttons here: A, B and C. Clicking on any of these 3 buttons will activate some animations. These 3 buttons can be clicked in any order. I then have a Button D, which can only be activated after Button A, B and C are clicked. Below is a tutorial on how this can be done. If you do not know how to use Animation Trigger, you must … Continue reading Trigger in a trigger

Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh

Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh  is out on Thursday. If you are an Office Beta 2 tester, you can download for free the Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh (TR) from the Microsoft Office Preview site. And here's an article which you may be interested to take a look at:,1995,2015641,00.asp?kc=MWRSS02129TX1K0000535

What’s new in PowerPoint 2007?

Are you interested to know what are the new features that will be added onto PowerPoint 2007? Quit guessing. PowerPoint MVP, Echo Swinford, has written a list of new features (and also missing stuff) for PowerPoint 2007 on her site here. Definitely worth taking a look!

Looping a slide with multiple animations

Scenario: You want to loop a particular slide that contains multiple animations, then continue with rest of the slides. The problem is, the current feature only allows you to loop the entire slide show.Solution: One way is to use Custom Show.First, click Slide Show > Set Up Show.Put a checkmark to Loop continuously until ‘Esc’.Click Ok.Now, Click Slide Show > Custom Shows.Click New.Select the slide you are looping, click Add.Click Ok and Close.Click on the slide you are looping.Click Slide Show > Slide Transition. Under Advance slide, put a checkmark to Automatically After. This will allow the slide to loop automatically.Do NOT … Continue reading Looping a slide with multiple animations

Ovation Review

What’s Ovation? Ovation is a 3rd party software by Serious Magic. It is an efficient and effective tool designed for busy professionals to enhance their presentations into dynamic 3D. You can check out my Ovation Review at PowerPoint Heaven for more information. The review also comes with sample videos for download.