Trigger in a trigger

Recently on the Microsoft Office PowerPoint Newsgroup, a user came up with a question on how to create an animation trigger dependent on the random completion of three other trigger animations. For instance, I have 3 buttons here: A, B and C. Clicking on any of these 3 buttons will activate some animations. These 3 buttons can be clicked in any order. I then have a Button D, which can only be activated after Button A, B and C are clicked.

Below is a tutorial on how this can be done. If you do not know how to use Animation Trigger, you must read my Animation Trigger tutorial on PowerPoint Heaven before proceeding on. So here goes:

Assuming that you know how to create Animation Trigger, we will skip the Animation Triggers for Button A, B and C.
First, you will need to add Button D (you can use AutoShape to do so).
Then, add 3 rectangle or oval AutoShapes that cover Button D entirely.
Now, select all 3 autoshapes, right click and select Format AutoShapes.
Set them to No Line. Under Fill, set to 99% transparency. This will make
them 'invisible'.
Click Slide Show > Custom Animation.
Add disappear effect to all 3 invisible autoshapes.
Now, have each effect triggers under Button A, B and C respectively.
That is to say, when you click on Button A, animations will occur, and at the same
time, one invisible autoshape will disappear.
Once all three autoshapes disappear, you will be able to click on Button D
to continue with the next animation.

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