Deactivated triggers

As with the last two topics, we have covered Trigger in a trigger and Deactivating a trigger. These two methods allow you to disable a trigger and have it works on specific conditions. So what if the user clicks on the deactivated trigger? If the user does so, he will be proceeding to the next slide. This is not what we want. Instead, if the user clicks on the deactivated trigger, he should expect nothing to happen. Here's 2 ways that you can do to prevent the slide from advancing:

1) Using the invisible autoshape that is covering the trigger, have it hyperlinked to current slide. By doing so, the user will stay on the current slide everytime he clicks on the invisible autoshape. How can this be done?
First, select the invisible autoshape. Right click on it, select Action Settings.
Under Mouse Click tab, select Hyperlink to.
Click on the dropdown field and select "Slide…".
Choose the current slide and click ok.

2) The second way is to disable mouse click to prevent user from advancing to the next slide. To do this, click on Slide Show > Slide Transition. Uncheck "On mouse click" under Advance slide. With this method, the user can still advance to the next slide by pressing the Enter key.

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