Nice OfficeArt effect with PowerPoint 2007

I have done a presentation using PowerPoint 2007 today. OfficeArt in PowerPoint 2007 sure creates cool impact, especially if you combine it with animations. The feedback was great! Here's a screenshot of the presentation, showing you the Before (how the presentation originally looks like) and After (enhanced with PowerPoint 2007):

Figure 1: Before – How the presentation diagram originally looks like.

Figure 2: After – Presentation diagram enhanced with PowerPoint 2007.

7 thoughts on “Nice OfficeArt effect with PowerPoint 2007

  1. Ken,
    This is done using Office 2007 Beta 2. The diagram is done manually using autoshapes, then enhanced with the 3D effect. The transparency is added using custom animation’s Emphasis > Transparency effect.

    Hope this helps.

  2. You can dim it instead. To do so, Double click on the effect added. Under effect tab, click on the After Animation dropdown button. Select a color of your choice. Ok your way out.

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