PowerPoint Heaven updates preview

The picture shown below is an anime character named Akiha Tohno. You will be surprised if I tell you that this is drawn using PowerPoint. If that's not enough, how about animating this character? On the next PowerPoint Heaven's update, Han Byul Jang will impress you with some of his works in PowerPoint.

Figure 1: Akiha Tohno drawn using PowerPoint.

2 thoughts on “PowerPoint Heaven updates preview

  1. Do you like Type-Moon? (Tsukihime, Fate etc..)

    Why I ask you this question is that you know this character's name 'Akihk Tohno'.

    Thanks to upload my powerpoint wokr in your web site.

    (I'm poor at English that I can't write more than it;;)

  2. Hi Zzaangdol,
    I checked the internet for her name. I did not watch Type-Moon. But I watched anime on Gundam and other shows. Your works are cool!

    Can you email me at pptheaven[at]gmail[dot]com?

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