Featured on The Straits Times Newspaper!

I got onto The Straits Times Newspaper today! PowerPoint Heaven and The Art of PowerPoint-ing was on the newspaper too. My school, Singapore Polytechnic (Thanks, Mdm Leong!), nominated me for The Straits Times youth award and I was informed by the publisher on Thursday that I had got in. It wasn't an extremely big article, but it's on the newspaper, that's a fact. 🙂 Figure1: Tricks galore at his fingertips

Nice OfficeArt effect with PowerPoint 2007

I have done a presentation using PowerPoint 2007 today. OfficeArt in PowerPoint 2007 sure creates cool impact, especially if you combine it with animations. The feedback was great! Here's a screenshot of the presentation, showing you the Before (how the presentation originally looks like) and After (enhanced with PowerPoint 2007): Figure 1: Before – How the presentation diagram originally looks like. Figure 2: After – Presentation diagram enhanced with PowerPoint 2007.