Christmas Eve Update: PowerPoint Anime – REWRITE – V

Christmas Eve update! PowerPoint Anime – Rewrite, is now available for
download on PowerPoint Heaven:

Rewrite is a PowerPoint Anime based on the future world, where the robotic
science has evolved beyond humans’ imagination. The author of this PowerPoint
Anime, Han Byul Jang (Zzangdol), described the future world coming under the
reign of Robots.

The protagonist in this work, is a scientist who does research and
development on robots. After finishing a Robot development project, he makes
a trip to a cafe he owns to think of new idea. Deep in thought, an idea
struck upon him. That is, if human could send robots to fight for war
instead. All of a sudden, he saw a robot which declared war against the human

Rewrite is completely drawn and animated in PowerPoint. It is available in 3
languages: English, Traditional Chinese and Korean (Original version). 2 Wallpapers
are also included, meant for 1024 x 768 resolution!

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