Post – Christmas Update: PowerPoint Game – Christmas Room Escape

Christmas Room Escape has been released! “Escape the room” is a type of popular online game where the aim is to escape from a room.

Christmas Room Escape belongs to “Escape the room” genre. It is similar to previously released Birthday Room. But much harder and sophisticated. The creation of this game has applied the extensive use of teleport technique.

Storyline: Christmas is over! But this is just the beginning… You woke up and found yourself in a mystery room. The door is locked. The window is too small to climb out. It seems to be no way out… But you must still escape…

How to Play: The rules are simple. Pick up items in the room, examine them, unravel the mystery and get yourself out of the room.

Inventory: Items that you have picked up will be stored in your inventory. To use it, click on the item. To examine it, click on the magnifying glass beside the item. Note that not all items can be further examined. To de-select them, click the ‘x’ button beside the item.

Note: Before you run the Slide Show, you must enable Hardware Graphics Acceleration. Click Slide Show > Set Up Show. Under Performance section, put a checkmark on “Use hardware graphics acceleration”

Applying an item onto another: You may come to a point where you are required to use an item to apply it onto another. You will need to double click on both the items to make the apply successful.

To download the game, visit PowerPoint Heaven for more information:

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