Continuous blinking in succession

Remember the Looping with multiple animations post: ?

Here’s a similar tutorial related to continuous succession blinking of arrows requested by a user in the discussion group. Hope to share it with you guys.

Lets say you have 4 arrows on the slide and you want to have them appear one after another continuously. Here’s what you can do. You can’t use the delay function, which is under the Timing tab in Custom Animation. This is because, delay will not repeat. It will occur only for the first time and repeat the animation without delay.

First, you will need to add appear effect to all arrows.
Then, add disappear effect to all arrows.
Then, reorganize them so it looks something like this:
Arrow 1: Appear
Arrow 1: Disappear
Arrow 2: Appear
Arrow 2: Disappear
Arrow 3: Appear
Arrow 3: Disappear

Set the first appear effect to start After Previous.
Set all disappear effects to start After Previous.
Set the rest of the appear effect to start “With Previous”.
Hold down Ctrl key, select the first appear effect and all the disappear
Right click and select Timing.
Set delay to 0.5 seconds and okay your way out.
We are done with the animation part.

Next, click Slide Show > Slide Transition.
Put a checkmark to Automatically After (00:00).
Do NOT apply to all slides.
Click Slide Show > Set Up Show.
Put a checkmark to “Loop continuously until Esc”.
Okay your way out.

For Custom Show, click Slide Show > Custom Show.
Click New.
Add the arrow animation slide into the custom show.
Click ok and close.

Now, go to one slide before the arrow animation slide.
Add an autoshape or action button onto the slide.
Right click on it, select Action Settings.
Select Hyperlink to > Custom Show.
Select the custom show you have added.
Put a checkmark to Show and Return. So that it will go back to the slide
once you pressed ‘esc’ key.
Click Ok.

Finally, right click on the slide thumbnail for arrow animation slide.
Select Hide Slide so that the slide will not be shown when you want to
proceed to the next slide (Unless you click on the arrow key). Or, you can
add another action button on the arrow animation slide and have it
hyperlinked to the next slide.

You can download the sample here:

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